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We are currently hoping to have dinner together on Tuesday, April 1 (and/or Wednesday, April 2). If you have any suggestions for restaurants which are reasonably priced and easily accessed from the convention hotels, add them here (with comments).


(Question: Tues. or Wedn.?? A note below says many won't arrive until Wednesday. I can't make either day. --Elizabeth)


(I also can't make either day. Please a dinner on Thursday! -- Claire)




(Clarinha, Joao and I will have dinner with you on Thursday. We have to eat every day!!! Let's hope more will join us. Beijinhos, Teresa 12Mar08)


(I would like to join you too as I am arrving on Thursday morning. Looking forward to it! Patricia)


I am up for dinner with webheads any day and every day! Just tell me where to go, and don't make it too spicy or too pricey. Nina


I agree with Nina. I will eat every night and would love to do it with webheads! I also agree with not too pricey... Ronaldo


Hi, everyone!

I'm getting very "hungry and thirsty" with all these links to restaurants here!

But I have to lose some weight before April so that I can go to all these places with all my dear Webhead friends. :-)

Hugs and beijinhos,

Teresa (8Jan08)

WOW, Nina, of course you know better!!!! ;-) Do you know whether they have a corner for a big table...? So far, we'll be more than 15 !!!


One more thing, VERY IMPORTANT: our first dinner together will need to be on April 2nd (Wedn), since many Webheads arrive on that day and I guess we all agree ..., the more, the more FUN!!! (Rita)

Will there be a dinner on Thursday? I truly hope so, because that's the only night that I would be able to make it. (Claire)


Dearest Claire-- we'll all have to eat again on Thurs! Maybe by then we'll know where it's good. Didn't Vance find a great beer place (and good wine) last time in walking distance--you could fill a jug and take it away. Seems they had food too. -- Elizabeth



Hey guys!


I have never been to NYC so I have no suggestions to make (but I'll surely go to webheads dinners). But a friend of mine showed me this website, which has more than 6.000 restaurants in NYC listed. What I really liked about it is that, besides reading reviews and checking the price and quality ratings, after you select the restaurant, you can click "on screen menu" and read the whole menu, with the prices and everything. I guess it could be helpful.





Dear all,


I can't wait to meet you again after so much fun in Seattle! I still don't know if my family will be there or not, but I'll try to make to dinner any way. Wednesday and Thursday would be better for me, but I'll try to make it whenever you decide it's best for the group.



Carla Arena

Dear all,


Looking forward to seeing you in NYC. Wed works for me for the dinner.

All the best,

David Winet




I've just added some suggestions from my New Yorker cousin under "Various". I vote for Pongsri Thai for Wednesday night. If you agree, I will see if I can make a reservation for around 20 and adjust the #s later. Nina, Mar 16


OK, Nina, I adhere to your choice, maybe we should just put up a kind of "table"/poll in our Yahoo Group Files link and invite people to vote. That's it. If not, we could go on forever!! (Rita)


Yes, that would be great. I will see what I can do. Shall we put 7:30? Earlier? Later? Does anyone know if there are sessions or awards or whatever that people might be attending that evening first? Nina, Mar 16



I've just checked the "Week at a Glance" schedule in the TESOL mag I received, and it seems everything on Wednesday finishes at 7 pm, so 7.30 would be ok, unless somebody knows of any other activity not included in that schedule. (Rita, March 17)

I love Thai food, so I vote for it :-) Daf (March 17)

My daughter, Muthla who lived and worked in the city for about 7 years sent me the following message with some suggestions on dining in Manhattan:

"Hi Mamma

Here are the restaurants, I would recommend the Group Dining Restaurant.


If weather is Bad then go to Time Warner Center on the west side http://www.shopsatcolumbuscircle.com/scs/user/twc.aspx


Time Warner Center Restaurants( http://www.shopsatcolumbuscircle.com/scs/user/Restaurant-Bar.aspx )


1) La Mediterranee 947 2nd Ave New York, NY | Map: http://newyork.citysearch.com/profile/map/7158455/new_york_ny/la_mediterranee.html


Restaurant, French, Lunch Spot, $$$ ($31 - $40)


2) Bocca ( Good Italian Restaurant) 39 E 19th St New York, NY | Map: http://newyork.citysearch.com/profile/map/45655847/new_york_ny/bocca.html


Restaurant, Italian, Happy Hour, $$$ ($31 - $40)


3) Craft 43 E 19th St New York, NY | Map: http://newyork.citysearch.com/profile/map/11351782/new_york_ny/craft.html


Restaurant, American (New), Group Dining, $$$$ (above $40)



4) Eleven Madison Park 11 Madison Ave New York, NY | Map: http://newyork.citysearch.com/profile/map/7100916/new_york_ny/eleven_madison_park.html


Restaurant, American (New), Group Dining, $$$$ (above $40)


Looking forward to meeting you all in the city, soon :)- Buth (March 24)




Afghan Food

Afghan Kebab House

Times Square


CuisineMiddle Eastern
HoursDaily 11am-11pm
Address764 Ninth Ave
LocationBtwn 51st and 52nd Sts, Times Square & Midtown West
TransportationSubway: C, E to 50th St
ReservationsReservations accepted
Phone212/307-1612, 212/307-1629
PricesMain courses $10-$16 (most under $12)
Credit CardsAE, DC, DISC, MC, V

(Also recommended by Nina's cousin, but maybe too small for our group.)




American Food

Virgil's Real BBQ

Times Square


CuisineBarbecue, Southern
HoursSun-Mon 11:30am-11pm; Tues-Sat 11:30am-midnight
Address152 W. 44th St
LocationBtwn Sixth and Seventh Aves, Times Square & Midtown West
TransportationSubway: 1, 2, 3, 7, N, R to 42nd St./Times Sq
ReservationsReservations recommended
Web sitewww.virgilsbbq.com
PricesSandwiches $10-$13; main courses and barbecue platters $15-$24 (most less than $19)
Credit CardsAE, DC, DISC, MC, V



Oyster Bars

Oyster Bar



For a glorious meal, dining under an impressive curved and tiled ceiling, try the New York landmark Oyster Bar & Restaurant (tel. 212/490-6650; www.oysterbarny.com). Excellent soups and sandwiches (most for under $10) fall into the "inexpensive" category, but you will head on up into "moderate" and "expensive" for full meals of the fresh, well-prepared seafood. For a complete list of vendors, check out www.grandcentralterminal.com.


Elizabeth's NY culture suggestions:


A couple of non-dinner ideas for those interested in NYC culture:


Not inexpensive, but a place laden with tradition and cultural history, The Russian Tea Room (yes, it's in Wikipedia) was founded by expatriate members of the old Russian Imperial Ballet. You must have tea there, and it's right around the corner from the Hilton-Sheraton complex, next to Carnegie Hall.


For breakfast, go at least once to the 100-yr-old Plaza Hotel where Eloise, the children's book character, once lived. It's on the SE corner of Central Park, and the coffee shop has a splendid view and even better service. A pot of coffee will set you back $10+, but it's a wonderful experience--and be sure to stroll around the lobby and public areas for that Holly Golightly experience.




French Food

Marseille (French)

Times Square


HoursMon-Fri noon-3pm; Sat-Sun 11am-4pm; Sun-Mon 5:15-11pm; Tues-Sat 5:15pm-midnight
Address630 Ninth Ave
LocationAt 44th St, Times Square & Midtown West
TransportationSubway: A, C, E, 7 to 42nd St./Times Sq
Web sitewww.marseillenyc.com
PricesMeze $4-$13; main courses $16-$28
Credit CardsAE, DC, MC, V


German Food


Hallo Berlin

Hallo Berlin ($ 19)

Food, Wine & Beer Hall



626 10th Ave, New York 10036

Btwn 44th & 45th St


Phone: 212-977-1944

Fax: 212-947-9008





Menu with prices -pdf





(This doesn't look like a good place to me, but I have no info--picnic tables?? nah! -- Elizabeth)

Another penny for thought from Nina (who was born in Manhattan and lived about 6 miles of it until age 18): Streets (West 56th Street, East 94th Street) are short blocks, easily walked (streets go east-west). Avenues (Sixth Avenue aka Avenue of the Americas, 9th Avenue, 5th Avenue) are very long blocks. Avenues run north-south. Street addresses with "West" are to the west of 5th Avenue; those with "East" are to the east of 5th Avenue.


In other words, to walk from West 56th Street to West 52nd Street along Sixth Avenue is a pretty short walk. In contrast, to walk from Sixth Avenue to Ninth Avenue along West 56th St. is a pretty long walk.


Of course there is the subway and there are buses, but I am not familiar with any of the lines or routes anymore and don't have a clue about the safety. Anyone?


Safety doesn't seem to be a big issue, esp. if you are 2 or more people traveling together. Subways are very fast (buses slow at dinnertime, though more scenic), so I wouldn't worry about distance. Chinatown down at the south end of the island, near City Hall, is easy to get to on the subway and many places have a big upstairs room where we might get round tables--easier to chat. There are also many great Italian places near the same neighborhood. The problem is that our group will split into pieces. -- Elizabeth



Bee's suggestions..taken from Frommer's and good reviews generally - most in Times Square next to the hotels :-)

I will be there from April 1st to Saturday 5th


Italian Food

Carmine's (Italian - excellent reviews, generous portions that can be shared)

different locations


menu: http://www.carminesnyc.com/carmines_44st.htm

CuisineFamily-Style Southern Italian
HoursSun-Thurs 11:30am-11pm; Fri-Sat 11:30am-midnight
Address2450 Broadway
LocationBtwn 90th and 91st Sts, The Upper West Side
TransportationSubway: 1, 2, 3 to 96th St
ReservationsReservations recommended before 6pm; accepted only for 6 or more after 6pm
Web sitewww.carminesnyc.com
PricesFamily-style main courses $19-$65 (most $23 or less)
Credit CardsAE, DC, DISC, MC, V
OtherOther location: 200 W. 44th St. (btwn Broadway and Eighth Ave.). tel. 212/221-3800. Subway: A, C, E, N, R, S, 1, 2, 3, 7 to 42nd St./Times Sq


Becco (Italian - excellent reviews)

Times Square


HoursMon noon-3pm and 5-10pm; Tue noon-3pm and 5pm-midnight; Wed 11:30am-2:30pm and 4pm-midnight; Thurs-Fri noon-3pm and 5pm- midnight; Sat 11:30am-2:30pm and 4pm-midnight; Sun noon-10pm
Address355 W. 46th St
LocationBtwn Eighth and Ninth Aves, Times Square & Midtown West
TransportationSubway: C, E to 50th St
ReservationsReservations recommended
Web sitewww.becconyc.com
PricesMain courses lunch $13-$25, dinner $19-$35
Credit CardsAE, DC, DISC, MC, V


Thai Food

Wondee Siam

HoursMon-Sat 11am-11pm; Sun 11am-10:30pm
Address792 Ninth Ave
LocationBtwn 52nd and 53rd Sts, Times Square & Midtown West
TransportationSubway: C, E to 50th St
ReservationsReservations not accepted
PricesMain courses $8.50-$18 (most under $10)
Credit CardsNot accepted
OtherWondee Siam II: 813 Ninth Ave. (btwn 53rd and 54th sts.). tel. 917/286-1726


Pongsri Thai


244 W 48th

Locationbetw Broadway & 8th Ave
Pricesunder $20 per person (pad thai $9.95)



Rita's two cents here, just names I got from browsing several sites. They seem to have moderate prices

Restaurants in Manhattan
(near Washington Sq - Italian food)

(Tribeca area - Cafe and Market)

(East Village - Indian Food)


Nina's two cents: these are all quite far from the midtown area where the Convention will be and would require going by subway or bus. Also just for me: Indian food is too spicy.


I agree with you, Nina, the problem is finding restaurants that are near our place and which are also good and inexpensive. ...:-(


I think we donĀ“t have to worry about restaurants in NY. If there's a city with plenty of restaurants that's NY, especially in Manhattan. I am for any kind of food, even the very spicy ones ;-) - Daf


Inexpensive -- The lower concourse of Grand Central Terminal, 42nd Street at Park Avenue, has developed into a quick-bite bonanza that is an ideal choice for lunch -- and the setting is an architecture-lover's delight. Head downstairs and choose from among the many outlets, offering everything from bratwurst to sushi. Standouts include Junior's, an offshoot of the Brooklyn stalwart, serving deli sandwiches, terrific steak burgers, and their world-famous cheesecake in their own waiter-serviced dining area.


Nina's cousin Charlotte, who lives in New York, offers the following suggestions. Nina added some addresses, phone numbers and links.

9th avenue has many, many inexpensive and good restaurants from about 56th Street down to 34th St. I would strongly encourage you walking over there.

For dinner,
Afghan Kebab house 764 9th Avenue (near W 51st St) open 11 am - 11 pm ph 212-307-1612 (Nina: too small to accommodate a large group)


e (eatery) 798 9th Avenue (between W 52nd and W 53rd Sts) ph 212-765-7080

Island Spice (Jamaican) 402 W 44th St off 9th, ph 212-765-1737

Island Burgers and Shakes 766 9th Avenue near W 51st St (Nina: burgers get great reviews, but there are almost no vegetarian options and the burger menu has too many choices!)

Ta Cocina (Mexican) ( 701 9th Avenue, betw W 48th and W 49th Sts) ph 212-730-1860 (Nina: review says good for groups but no longer as cheap as it once was, now moderate prices)


Uncle Nicks 747 9th Avenue (betw W 50th and W 51st) ph 212-245-7992

Pongsri Thai (244 W 48th betw Broadway & 8th Ave) ph 212-582-3392 (Nina: Prices look very reasonable. Check link for menu and reviews. Nina)
Charlotte: For a big group, I would not go to Afghan or Island Burgers because they're very small, unless you're going at an unusual time.
Be sure to make a reservation for a big group.
For brunch,
Vynl Diner (@54th)

Route 66 (@56th) are always reliable good ones.
You should be able to look up all of these places online. I think I would go with Pongsri if I was scheduling a group of 20.

Hope this is helpful!








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