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Where will you be staying at TESOL? Hotels are already filling up, and they are expensive. The Convention hotels are:

Hilton New York

Sheraton New York/Sheraton Manhattan


Paula booked several studio apartments at Radio City Apartments last year, so many webheads will be staying there, but if you don't already have a reservation you probably won't find anything there now.


Rita and I investigated hostels. You can find information at Hostel Bookers, Hostel Handbook, and other similar sites (Google "hostels new york city"). We considered the Chelsea Spot and Chelsea Star and ended up booking the Portland Square Hotel on W. 47th St. for one night, April 2. It isn't exactly cheap, but it seemed reasonable and not too far from the Convention (which is in midtown, 56th/57th Streets at Sixth Avenue). We are fortunate to be able to crash at the Sheraton NY with one of my colleagues April 3-4.


I thought we could use this page to find roommates and places to stay, and also to see where we all end up, so we can find each other more easily. Last year, I didn't realize several webheads were staying in the same hotel as I was until we were checking out!




Have accommodations, need roommate(s)

(Be sure to include dates!)




Looking for roommates and accommodations

(Be sure to include dates!)

Hi. This is Manuel Romero. I am looking for accomodation from March 31 to April 6. If you know of anything, please let me know. Congratulations on this idea. See you there!



Where are the webheads?
Names Monday 3/31 Tuesday 4/1 Wednesday 4/2 Thursday 4/3 Friday 4/4 Saturday 4/5
Nina & Rita    


Portland Square Hotel

132 W 47th St




 Sheraton NY

811 7th Avenue @ 53rd St


 Nina only: looking for a bed!

Daf and Tere, Bee & Aiden, Vance & Bron


Milford Plaza

700 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10036
Telephone: +1 212 869 3600
Direct Reservations: +1 800 221 2690

Telephone: +1 212 869 3600

Direct Reservations: +1 800 221 2690

 Bee will be in NY from April 1st to April 5th (Weekend with cousin and then looking for a hotel or place to stay on night Monday 7th)





Jazz on the City Hostel

201 West 95 Street

(I'll arrive on March 29 and stay until April 5)



  arrive around noon; staying with Jonathan Finkelstein (LearningTimes) till April 11        

Gershwin Hotel

7 East 27th Street

Telephone: +1 212-545-8000


I'm coming with Isabel (my wife), who organised this hotel ages ago - we'll be in NY March 29th-5th April      
Elizabeth & Jack  

Staying with friends - April 2-5

350 E 50th St

New York, NY


Telephone: 1-916-524-6988

(sorry it's long distance - my cell)



Serpil & Secil  

Candy Hostel

Upper West Side

315 W 94th St.

(between Eve and Riverside Dr.)








Carla & Boys (husband and kids)


Mary Hillis


Sheraton NY

811 7th Avenue @ 53rd St





From March 29th to April 6th

Cell Phone: 1-305-5094106



From April 1-4



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